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About Perri Kelly


​I am a freelance Photographer, Digital/Acrylic Artist and Painter.  

I have recently become fascinated with painting animals.  I enjoy their texture, the mix of colors and watching their essence emerge on canvas.  Pet portraiture is a fun way for me to explore this as well as enjoy the immediate and gratifying reaction when the pet owner views my work for the first time.  I also create digital art that is mostly for my own pleasure, but I do sell some in my shop as well as some of my photographs.

Why do I call it Digital Raven Art?

Ravens have always fascinated me. I love to watch them interact with each other. They have attitude. They are survivors. Some are beautiful and some are riddles with scars. Some are very smart, some not. In literature ravens are often vilified or used as a portent of doom.

Whatever their roles may be, they are interesting... and in Alaska they are everywhere. So I adopted them as my hallmark. I often put them somewhere in my digital artwork: sometimes as a shadow, a reflection, flying through the air, as a carving or a tattoo on a young girls ankle.

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